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Successful cooperation over many years

ResMed Healthcare, a ResMed Group company, specializes in providing patient-centric solutions for the management of chronic respiratory diseases and sleep-related breathing disorders. In addition, ResMed Healthcare takes a holistic approach to patient care in the areas of tracheostomy, ventilation and liquid oxygen. The focus is on the sensible use of the possibilities of digitalization.

IMPRIVO has been supporting ResMed Healthcare for several years in the development of internal commercial processes, the organization and the IT landscape.

Core topics in the cooperation:

  • Modernization of the entire IT infrastructure and business software landscape
  • Process optimization and establishment
  • Modification of the organizational structure
  • Change management
  • Establishing key performance indicators
  • Operational support of the business software
  • Test management
  • Supplier management
  • Implementation of various IT integration projects

Overall project management ERP introduction

In this cooperation IMPRIVO initially took over the restructuring of the implementation of the ERP system KUMAVISION NextGen based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV which had run into difficulties. In the role of overall project management and technical consulting IMPRIVO supported the implementation of the software. In addition to the software implementation IMPRIVO supported the necessary organizational restructuring of the organizational structure and the processes.

Process optimization

In the optimization phase, which followed the software implementation, ResMed Healthcare and IMPRIVO together took care of the establishment of the changed structures and additionally worked out a key figure system for company and team management.

Operational support

For several years now, IMPRIVO has successfully supported the operation of business applications at ResMed Healthcare with employees who strengthen the internal team. In this role IMPRIVO handles tickets in the in-house ticket system and additionally controls resulting work of suppliers and affected user groups.

  • Björn Carstensen, Senior Director Information Technology, ResMed Germany about the collaboration between ResMed Healthcare and IMPRIVO:
    "Particular challenges arise from the processing of large volumes of prescriptions flowing between the different parties involved. IMPRIVIO offers, beyond the experience in the ERP system KUMAVISION, a simultaneously broad and deep expertise in the requirements specific to our business model."

Partner for integration, automation and digitalization

IMPRIVO supports ResMed IT in the design, implementation and commissioning of various integration projects, such as the Visitour tour planning software and the Alberta field service platform.

To accelerate process speed, the automation of some document-based processes was also designed and implemented as part of the digitization strategy. This means, for example, that incoming documents from patients or the field service are automatically routed to the right teams or processed to billing.

Good partners in large and small projects

In a considerable number of other projects, ResMed Healthcare and IMPRIVO are working together to further optimize business excellence. Examples of these projects include:

  • Optimization of the use of electronic cost estimates
  • Introduction of batch tracking in the context of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
  • Increasing the quality of contract data and the resulting process control in the ERP system
  • Connection of the field service system Alberta to the ERP system KUMAVISION
  • Establishment of paperless warehouse processes
  • Coordination and support of the temporary VAT conversion in 2020


Martin Schmausser, Vice President Finance and Operations, ResMed Germany:

"In a regulated environment with a complex customer structure and integrated business model, we have found an ideal partner in IMPRIVO, which can fully cover both the technical challenges of a system integration of a wide range of ERP, customer service and scheduling solutions, as well as resulting dependencies in business processes. The flexibility to respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently, coupled with an overarching business understanding, have been invaluable to us in solving and improving critical core processes."

... further on overall project management of the implementation of the KUMAVISION ERP system:

"The expert support in the execution and organization of such a large-scale project were key to an ultimately successful project completion. The insights and solution approaches gained in the process have led to a partnership and cooperative continuation of the collaboration in various other projects to date."

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